Another Film Riot contest submission

Our latest entry into the Film Riot Monday Challenges.  This one was to recreate a scene and the pick was for the first 2 minutes of Scream.  If you want to compare with the original you can see it here:

Lacey Rae and Zac helped out on this one, which was much appreciated.  Used the Nikon D5200 for the first time for video and had to make a shoulder rig to try to match it out of some bolts and a piece of wood.  I think we made it work fairly well, but I miss having a crew.


New Short Film!

I produced a new short film called “The Escape” for a Film Riot Monday Challenge.  The challenge was to make a hand-to-hand fight scene similar to the Raid movies.  Thanks to Patrick Chien and Mark Somers for getting kicked around all day and Chris Yung for manning the camera and making sure the action was top notch.  Also a special thanks to Akhil Conner as the official “Pointer-out-er-er of Stuff” as he would like to be referred.  Fingers are crossed!

Pretty Dead is out and I need to finally start working on this site


For many years and iterations, this site has been pretty much just an email address for me to work on my projects.  Now that Pretty Dead is out, my time may get more abundant and I’ll try to put up some contact info.  I’ve been getting requests to look at people’s scripts, reels, treatments, etc and I’ll be honest, I’m probably not going to have time to look at them any time soon.  Don’t get discouraged about making your own project, just realize that if it’s not me or Ben doing the work, it’s probably not going to get done, so we don’t have a lot of time.  Preproduction is starting up on the next one and we’ll have information as we hammer it into shape a little better.