KD Art Card Trading Post

I bought a bunch of the Matte Art Prints grab bags and ended up with some extras.  I’m looking to trade these ones off that I have extras of for some that I don’t.  Contact me from the Facebook post on the Kingdom Death Night Market Group in order to let me know which extra art cards you have that you want to trade out.  For most people that’s only a dozen at most cards, whereas I’d have to list the hundreds of cards I don’t have or even know exist in order to tell you what I’m looking for.  No money changing hands, just 1:1 trading.  Everyone pays their own shipping.  ONLY THE ART CARDS EVEN IF YOU SEE OTHER THINGS IN THE PICTURES.  NO MINIS OR OTHER CONTENT.

Stuff I Already Have

This is not going to be kept up-to-date, but in the interest of saving some time trying to find photos of the cards some time in the future, I’ll try to throw some down here.  I’m obviously not looking for ANY of the cards above as I’m trying to trade them away.

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